Trainer Endorsement Programme

The Trainer Endorsement Programme (TEP) recognises and endorses those APDTNZ members who, as dog trainers, have a level of knowledge, experience and academic qualifications, or accreditation that is of a high calibre and is in line with the Association’s Code of Ethics promoting dog friendly training techniques.

Dog training is an unregulated industry in New Zealand, and formal qualifications are not required for dog trainers. The APDTNZ released the TEP in June 2017 with the aim that over time endorsement will become a benchmark for dog-friendly, qualified, and experienced trainers so the public, as well as other dog trainers, can confidently seek them out. Endorsement is maintained every 3 years via continuing education and activity points to encourage trainers to further their own knowledge across the fields of dog training, education, and behaviour. Endorsed trainers will be highlighted on the APDTNZ website and have the right to use the APDTNZ endorsed trainer logo.

How to apply

The TEP is open to all Full Members.

Before lodging your application, you should complete a self-assessment against the entry criteria. Once confident you meet the criteria, submit an application for endorsement along with any relevant supporting documentation plus application fee of $80.

A review panel reviews the application, checks the applicant is eligible to apply, and seeks further information (if required) before making a decision, to approve or decline the application for endorsement and informing the APDTNZ President.

For full information on the process and criteria for becoming an APDTNZ Endorsed Trainer please download the TEP Guidelines.

TEP Process and Criteria

As of August 2021, the APDTNZ TEP has gained CANZ Accreditation across the Animal Trainer and Animal Training Instructor standards, with the provision that the accreditation is canine specific (i.e. a TEP trainer is a CANZ Accredited Animal Training Instructor for dogs, but is not a CANZ Accredited Animal Training Instructor for horses or any other species). Endorsed Trainers are allowed to use the CANZ logo.