Looking for an APDTNZ member trainer or pet professional?

In order to ensure you are receiving the best professional pet dog training, behaviour advice, and guidance we recommend that you select one of our APDTNZ members listed in the APDTNZ Directory . You will find them listed geographically – North to South.

Another way is to look for pet professionals who are displaying the APDTNZ logo on their website, printed materials, or uniform. The APDTNZ logo is your assurance that the pet professional using it has not only agreed to the ethical standards set by the APDTNZ (Code of Ethics) but will also be able to provide you with professional pet dog services, in your local area.

Choose your dog trainer wisely

Did you know that dog training is an unregulated industry? Unlike other skilled professions like medicine, law, or accountancy, there are no standards or rules for what a trainer should know before working with dogs. How you choose your trainer really matters for both you and your dog.

Ask these simple questions for the best possible results:

  1. Do you belong to the APDTNZ? Membership with the Association of Pet Dog Trainers New Zealand indicates a voluntary commitment to high standards of professional knowledge and business ethics.
  2. What training methods do you employ? Animal behaviour science has come a long way in the last decades. Skilled trainers can produce incredible results with humane, positive-reinforcement based training, leaving no excuse for outdated methods that use force, pain, and intimidation.
  3. What do you do for continuing education? Ongoing education is a hallmark of professionalism in any industry. Any trainer you consider hiring should regularly attend conferences and seminars based on the latest training science, including the annual APDTNZ conference.
  4. Can I watch a class? Sitting in on a class will give you a good sense of a trainer’s methodology. But don’t just watch the instructor. Are the students interacting with their dogs in a relaxed, upbeat way? Do the dogs seem happy and focused?If you hear scolding or yelling, or dogs looking stressed with their tails tucked and heads down, find another class. And if a trainer won’t let you watch, find a trainer who will.

Please be aware that permission to use the logo is given to individual full members only, and not to businesses, organisations or clubs. If the APDTNZ logo is shown in association with a business or club, it does not necessarily mean that each individual within that organisation has agreed to abide by the “Code of Ethics” of the APDTNZ. You will need to confirm that you are working with a full member of the APDTNZ.

Please let us know if you see the APDTNZ logo displayed by a business or club so we can confirm the legitimacy of its use. If you have any concerns or complaints regarding the conduct of or the services you have received from an APDTNZ member contact us by email.