APDTNZ Regional Seminars with Veronica Boutelle

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Busting the Myths That Hold Us Back

A business building seminar with Veronica Boutelle

Ready to make a better living, get better training results, and help more dogs?

Don’t miss this opportunity to spend the day with Veronica of dogbiz!

Over her 15 years helping dog trainers all over the world grow thriving businesses, Veronica has identified pervasive myths that lead trainers into all-too-common pitfalls and mistakes. These missteps not only keep us from making the living we deserve, but also from helping dogs as widely and fully as we’re able.

The APDTNZ has invited Veronica to spend a full day busting these myths in 2 cities this November, teaching us how to make the most of our knowledge and skills to help as many dogs as we can, as fully as we can, while making a sustainable living for ourselves.

Full-day seminar runs 9am-5pm with 2 dates & locations to choose from.

$125 for APDTNZ members, $150 for non-members

Morning and afternoon tea is included.  Lunch is not provided.

Dates & Cities

  • Auckland November 9
  • Wellington November 16

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What you’ll learn

  • Recognize and reject the 8 biggest training business myths

These are the ones that keep most trainers from having maximum training impact and making a good living doing great things for dogs. They’ve got to go!

  • Design private training services that work better for clients, dogs, and your business

Learn how to package your private training to help clients opt-in for the whole training plan up front. Imagine actually having the amount of time with clients and dogs you know you need to make real behavior change on both sides—and yes, being paid for that time!

  • Tweak your classes to fill them and keep students coming back for more

No more holding class half full. No more starting with 8 students and finishing with 4. No more one-and-done students—learn how to inspire students to take a life-long approach to training that keeps them enrolled after puppy and basic manners.

  • Confidently set the right rates and policies for your business

Learn how to set your prices to sustain yourself financially, draw your ideal clients and students, and create the most opportunity to help dogs. Then set policies designed to protect your income and your students’ training progress.

  • Use your training knowledge and skills to market your business

Uncomfortable singing your own praises? Feel queasy at the thought of marketing? Don’t even know where to start? Learn a whole new, comfortable approach to marketing—one that uses skills you already have and actively serves dogs while promoting your training.

  • Learn how to make the sale without feeling smarmy

If you’re like most trainers, selling feels awkward at best and downright icky most the time. Imagine the relief of an effective, ethical, and easy step-by-step process and script for talking through options and prices with clients. No more sweating these conversations! No more missing opportunities to help!

Why attend?

Lots of reasons! Here are our top 10:

  1. Avoid common mistakes that undermine your business & training success
  2. Recognize and fix any you’ve already fallen into
  3. Increase your income and stability & reduce your financial stress
  4. Increase your confidence and your comfort marketing your training services
  5. Increase your confidence and your comfort selling your services (really!)
  6. Get your classes full and keep them that way
  7. Get students coming back after puppy and basic classes
  8. Get more time with private training clients, and better training results, too
  9. Get better responsiveness, compliance, and behavioral change from clients
  10. Stop losing money and training progress to cancellations

In short: Make a better living, get better training results, help more dogs, and feel a lot more confident and comfortable running your business!

About Veronica

Veronica Boutelle, CTC, MA Ed, is the founder of dogbiz (formerly dogtec) and author of multiple books, including How To Run A Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is. Since 2003 Veronica and her team have been helping trainers around the world start and grow thriving businesses through one-on-one consulting, dogbiz University courses, and +R business toolkits and curriculum. Veronica is a sought-after speaker at dog training schools and conferences around the world, including the Karen Pryor Academy, Clicker Expo, Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers, and APDT conferences in the U.S., South America, Australia, and our own APDT New Zealand. Veronica is the former Director of Behavior & Training for the San Francisco SPCA.

If you’ve ever heard Veronica speak, you know she has a way of making business stuff surprisingly fun and engaging. Come be inspired!


All refunds must be requested in writing. An administration fee of $50 will be charged for cancellations. No refunds will be granted after 8 November 2019. Neither APDTNZ nor the Event Organisers are responsible for any loss or damage as a result of alteration to the programme, cancellations or postponement of the event due to unforeseen occurrence or any other event that results in staging of the event being impractical or impossible. If APDTNZ is forced to cancel the event due to unforeseen circumstances, it will only be liable to reimburse the seminar fee to delegates. Delegates are encouraged to take out their own insurance as necessary to cover potential losses.