Basic Training

In these Behaviour Blueprints, Dr Ian Dunbar describes his lure-reward and reward training techniques which makes basic training quick, easy, effective and enjoyable for dog and owner alike.

New Puppy

Your new puppy will grow up very quickly. Luckily Dr Ian Dunbar is here to teach you about socialisation, bite inhibition and puppy training so that you make the most of your family

Barking, Digging and Chewing

What do barking, digging and chewing have in common?   They are all natural, normal and necessary doggy activities, but problems can arise when your dog finds an inappropriate outlet for this behaviour.  In these Behaviour Blueprints, Dr Ian Dunbar teaches you how to gain control over these behaviours and redirect them into more acceptable outlets. 

New Adult Dog

Adult dogs can be perfect or problematic – carrying the behavioural baggage of their previous owners. In this Behaviour Blueprint, Dr Ian Dunbar shares some tips for choosing and introducing a new adult dog into your family.

Fighting with Other Dogs

Many people have unrealistic expectations about dog-dog social behavior. Dogs are expected to behave perfectly and get along with all other dogs, even though people have difficulty being universally accepting and friendly. However, although people may often disagree, argue, and sometimes resort to pushing and shoving, very few people inflict severe injuries. In this Behaviour Blueprint, Dr Ian Dunbar explains that dogs are not that different.

Dogs and Children

Learning to respect, understand, care for, and successfully control a dog gives a dramatic boost to any child’s self-esteem. But these benefits do not come by magic. In this Behaviour Blueprint, Dr Ian Dunbar explains how to teach your dog to behave around children, and how to teach your children to act towards dogs.


Housetraining is a spatial problem – your dog is performing a normal, natural and necessary behaviour, but in the wrong place. Learn how to prevent house soiling mistakes and teach your puppy where to eliminate with this Behaviour Blueprint from Dr Ian Dunbar. 

Dogs Home Alone

Dogs need lots of attention, but they also need to learn how to entertain themselves appropriately and enjoy themselves when they are left at home alone. Here Dr Ian Dunbar explains how to prevent separation anxiety and other behaviour problems from developing while you are out. 

Hyper Dogs

Puppies are naturally noisy and hyperactive, but adult dogs are noisy and hyperactive because they are untrained and have unintentionally been encouraged to act that way. In this Behaviour Blueprint, Dr Ian Dunbar explains how to prevent and treat jumping up and other hyperactive behaviour.